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Workswell WIRIS Agro R

Workswell WIRIS Agro


The first device of its kind. Designed to map water stress across large areas, it has a critical role to play in the field of precision agriculture

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Workswell WIRIS Agro R

Workswell WIRIS Agro R is the first device of its kind. Designed to map water stress across large areas, it has a critical role to play in the field of precision agriculture. The device facilitates the determination of the water stress value in a given stand of plants. This information may then be used to determine yield maps, optimize irrigation, and control water management remedies. In addition, the camera offers an LWIR band sensor with radiometric measurement and 10x optical zoom RGB camera with full HD (1920 x 1080 px) resolution for biomass cover index evaluation.

cwsi infographics v2

Crop Drought – Actual and Real Value

In 1981, the crop water stress index (CWSI) was developed as a normalized index to quantify water stress without interference from other environmental parameters affecting plant stress, such as temperature. In the dry season, precision farmers want to know the actual effect of drought on their crops. However, this can be difficult to measure. For example, crops may respond differently to drought if they have access to groundwater, and each plant has a different root system. These factors make it hard to tell how much a particular crop might be suffering during a given drought. That’s where the Workswell WIRIS Agro comes in. This thermal camera makes real-time measurements of the actual effects of drought on a crop.

3D mapping
wiris agro

Main WIRIS Agro R Applications

Although there are many uses, we can divide the main WIRIS Agro R functions into these four categories:

Water status monitoring

Water stress is the plant’s response to deficiencies in the water supply during the growing season, regardless of whether the crops are irrigated or not. To enhance monitoring, the AGRO creates special color maps, “Crop” and “CropStep.”

Irrigation management

This facilitates irrigation system optimization in terms of determining optimal locations for soil sensors, and in terms of structural optimization. The special color maps, “Water” and “WaterStep,” are available for this use.


Plant varieties respond differently to the amount of water available to them. The WIRIS Agro R will help you determine how often the plants of a given species are in water stress, compared to plants of other species.

Biomass Cover Index

For real-time calculation of the field’s plant cover.

Comparison of CWSI and NDVI


Crop Water Stress Index

img left


Normalized Differential Vegetation Index

img right

Download a PDF document with a full comparison of many other features of CWSI and NDVI.

wwa slider v3 rgbwwa slider v3 cwsi 1

See more details in full resolution

Real-time Evaluation

With the WIRIS Agro R, you get actual values of crop water stress during the flight, and you can use the collected data to create an overview map for later review. By comparing yields from different months and years depending on water stress, a potential yield map can be created according to the current water stress value.

This map provides:

-real-time onboard CWSI evaluation

-real-time CROP and WATER colour map visualization

-real-time additional information on how the crop is impacted by drought

-real-time Biomass cover index evaluation in %

-real-time Picture-in-Picture CWSI index and RGB

Ensconced in a rugged case of lightweight aluminium. What’s more, the most sensitive component of the entire system, the thermal camera lens, is protected by a replaceable protective cap made of germanium.

High Measurement Accuracy and Precision Metrology

We know that when it comes to metrology, agricultural applications can be very demanding. That’s why we ensure the accuracy of our devices through the separate calibration of each lens, and issue a final calibration certificate with each camera we deliver. Each thermal camera is individually manufactured and precisely calibrated.

CorePlayer Desktop Analysis Software for the Evaluation of CWSI Data

The CorePlayer CWSI Analysis Software is a desktop software used for processing, analysing, and exporting CWSI RAW data images and videos. It allows the user to set a variety of parameters and models that are necessary for the correct calculation of the CWSI Index, and it facilitates later processing if the input data sent to the camera needs to be adjusted.

For data processing into 2D or 3D visualizations, we recommend the most commonly used SW tools such as Pix4D and Agisoft. Each image or video frame shot with the Agro R includes GPS information for processing.

The software is supplied free of charge with the WIRIS Agro R.


Colour Map Overview

The WIRIS Agro R offers four different colour maps. In terms of data processing, it is not important which map you choose, but from the application perspective, a suitable palette choice can be very helpful.

Each colour map in the WIRIS Agro R camera is defined as follows: the palette is black and white as you move away from the 0 value (negative values below the range), and away from the 100% value (values above the range).

color paletes

Biomass Cover Index

The BCI (Biomass Cover Index) concerns the evaluation of the vegetation mass within the RGB scene. Surfaces containing green vegetation are evaluated using data from an RGB camera, and the percentage of these areas is compared to other (non-vegetated) areas that are masked by a white colour in the RGB image. The BCI is adjustable via simple thresholding by the user.

biomass index 2

128 GB SSD disk, external USB disk or microSD card

Workswell WIRIS Agro R is equipped with an internal SSD with 128 GB memory for recording. You can also save data to an external USB disk or microSD card.

workswell cwsi storage v4


The Workswell WIRIS Agro R offers an interface enabling the widest range of connections to the drone, the control unit, an external GPS sensor, and other instruments. A Wi-Fi low latency live video streaming and command link is also available. The following HW interfaces are standard:


CAN bus (DJI M600 and A3 controller compatible)

Ethernet (RJ 45 with RTPS streaming and control signals transmission option)

MavLink – Provides a wide range of standard and custom commands for controlling the thermal camera during the flight.

external GPS connection

External trigger

workswell cwsi interfaces v2

Weight and dimensions

Workswell’s WIRIS Agro R weighs less than 430 g, which is very convenient for drone usage.

WEIGHT: < 430 g (0.95 lb)
DIMENSIONS : 83 x 85 x 68 mm (3.26 in x 3.34 in x 2.67 in)  

workswell cwsi dimensions v3


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