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Freewell DJI Mavic Air 2 VND (Mist Edition) filters


Freewell DJI Mavic Air 2 VND (Mist Edition) filters

Diffusion (Mist) Strength of 1/4 with VND

Optics: Pure High Definition Optical glass 18 Layers Multicoated ensure film making experience

Function: 2-5 Stop equivalent to ND4-ND32, 6-9 Stop equivalent to ND64-ND512 is the ultimate all-day solution from cloudy days to a bright sunny day for all your videography needs

What is included: Variable ND Filter, Hard Case, Cleaning Cloth

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Freewell DJI Mavic Air 2 VND (Mist Edition) filters

How Does It Help?

Freewell DJI Mavic Air 2 VND (Mist Edition) filters – At Freewell we always listen to our buyer feedback thinking of ways to make their day-to-day shoot convenient, quick & easy for this reason we have made yet another industry-first VNDXMIST Variable ND Filters for DJI drones compatible with Mavic Air 2 Drone.


2-5 Stop which also represents ND4 to ND32 is a perfect filter for a normal day condition covering your needs from cloudy days to a normal sunny day

6-9 Stop which also represents ND64 to ND512 is an ideal solution for working during a bright sunny day covering your need for mid-afternoon

Freewell DJI Mavic Air 2 VND (Mist Edition) filters


Q. What is the best-recommended setting to shoot with VND?

A. Expose your shot to have a proper motion blur. Adjust the white balance to your liking thinking about the color grading you will be doing. Film in flat profile (Dlog) for a better color grading. If your drone/Action Camera/Gimbal allows you to change the sharpness and contrast of the image you can tweak those to your liking too.

Q: Is variable ND also polarizer filter?

A: Although variable ND is made of 2pcs polarizer filter they do not provide or help to reduce polarization as once you have 2 pieces of glass they act as reducing the light coming to your sensor.

Q. Can I take Panorama with Variable ND?

A. No, you cannot take panorama pictures with variable ND or with any hybrid filter which has 2 pieces of glass such as CPL, ND/PL reason being polarizer filter acts in a very specific way to the angle of the light, change the angle by a few degrees and you can get a dramatically different polarizing effect.

Q. Is variable ND suitable for pictures?

A. In most cases YES you can use variable ND even for pictures however you may have some tint which can be corrected in post, Variable ND is best suited for video when you are on the field to avoid changing the filters by simply turning the filter to set your need.

If you have any other questions please feel free to reach us.


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