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Lease a Drone

Drone leasing is when you buy an asset from a lease firm and make fixed monthly payments over a certain length of time, sometimes with an initial deposit.

One of the key advantages of drone leasing is the potential reduction in net cost. When leasing a drone, the fixed monthly payments are classified as a business expense for tax purposes. Due to this classification, you are entitled to deduct leasing expenses from your taxable income, so lowering your overall tax obligation. You can effectively reduce the net cost of the lease and more effectively use your resources by taking advantage of the tax benefits.

Drone Leasing Advantages

  • You can claim back part or all the VAT on the monthly instalments (VAT registered businesses only)
  • You may be able to buy the asset at the end of the agreement for a low fee
  • You can purchase a high value drone for a relatively low deposit and monthly payments

Drone Leasing Example

For an Established Business

DJI M30T Drone Outright purchase price Typical monthly payment
£11,038 inc VAT 5 years £243.83
3 years £291.62
2 years £371.87
Own the asset for 1 extra monthly payment at the end of the agreement

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