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Commercial Drones

For those who work in the drone industry, you will already have a good idea of what a commercial drone is versus a recreational drone, but for those who aren’t as well in the know, in simple terms, it is a drone that is used for making money, I.E., in business so therefore commercial.

With the world in hyper-alert for online content, social media influencing and new start-up businesses popping up all over we are seeing a huge increase in new clients wanting to take what was a relative hobby to a whole new level and monetising the passion, fun and skills it takes to be an expert drone pilot.

Commercial drones are being used by building companies to inspect their construction sites, professional photographers use drones with high quality cameras attached to capture breath taking images that were once not as easily accessible, and farmers are even using drones to spray crops too. The use of commercial drones is becoming all the more possible and at Enterprise UAV we stock the most impressive range of market leading commercial drones available.

Our knowledge and expertise coupled with the market leading sales and after sales service ensures that not only will you have a commercial drone that suits your budget, but you will have a drone that is more than capable of driving your business forward.

Top 10 Commercial Drone Applications

There are many new and pre-existing regulations that prohibit the use or at the very least limit the use of drones both recreationally and commercially, however, many companies are seeing the need and use of drones commercially as a popular addition to their businesses.

Farmers and agriculturists are using drones more and more to save time, money and resources. It is said that this industry will soon become the biggest investor in commercial drones. The ability to cover vast acres of land, mapping, taking inventory of livestock and even studying the irrigation of the land is all made easier and more cost effective by the use of commercial drones.

From architects and construction companies to estate agents selling properties directly, the use of a commercial drone is invaluable. Offering high quality imagery of the exterior of the properties, surrounding areas, access points etc, builds a more complete picture of the property or land in question. This opens more opportunities which in turn usually means more revenue.

Engineering firms can make good use of drones, as they are typically involved in lots of commercial projects. Commercial drones are often used by engineering companies to provide in depth analysis and/or inspections for maintenance, construction planning and even road construction planning. Again, the time and revenue saved when compared to the overheads to do this the conventional way doesn’t compare.

We are seeing a huge upturn in how we view and care for our planet and the animals that share it with us. Being able to safely, efficiently and with the least global impact as possible monitor animal populations, and monitor the effects of floods, droughts, and crop and habitat decimation is paramount to helping us in someway to lower our carbon footprint and do our bit to change for the good the planet we live on.

Everything is on the news these days, we all want to know what is happening in the world and where we used to have to watch poor imagery from a news helicopter following OJ, we can now be almost in the thick of the action with more and more even small local news teams running commercial drones. This has also helped with RTA’s, emergency rescues etc by allowing the control centre to know which emergency services are required and indeed to what extent. This means that as well as keeping us up to date with the general news and goings on all over the world, the drone footage that we are seeing more and more of is bringing us to the forefront of what is happening as it happens.

With fewer and fewer bobbies on the beat, we are reliant on information gathering and semi detective work ourselves. Although it is highly dangerous to tackle any potential security threat, we are encouraged to install CCTV, alarms etc and what we are now seeing is commercial drones going out to tripped alarms and being able to generate the clear footage needed to pass to the police to further investigate. Having a discreet drone recording the crime will enable you to gain a conviction and hopefully your goods returned.

This is one of the biggest current trends which is catching on FAST. In today’s world of social savvy millennials, drones are used at special events like weddings, house warming parties, birthdays, etc. Being able to take aerial shots using drones, which was not even a thing in the past using traditional recording systems, is now breathing a whole new perspective to create memories of such special occasions.

Commercial drones are being used very successfully to locate people in areas which are affected by floods, fire, or any other natural disasters. Some commercial drones which have infrared sensors can detect people in the remotest of areas using heat maps. These are aided by visual information which can be relayed quickly and effectively to the search and rescue teams.

Commercial drone delivery is the buzz of the moment, having our groceries, small to medium packages etc delivered by a drone to our door was unheard of when drones were first introduced to the mainstream market as toys for the boys. Now e-commerce giants like Amazon have invested in Amazon Prime Air, a drone technology, and will be launching the entire service once the feasibility issues are resolved.

Insurance fraud is one of the biggest frauds in the world, it drives our premiums up and affects ALL of us individually and collectively. The use of commercial drones by insurance loss assessors has become very popular, whether that be assessing a house insurance claim where the roof is reported to have blown off, a car accident where there is a dispute on a road layout or markings etc. a drone can help in a speedy decision and resolution.